Why choose Fast Track?
You'll learn in a 'realistic' car. In other words instead of feeling intimidated by driving a larger vehicle once you've passed, you'll have the confidence of a driver who's already experienced what it's like to drive a standard vehicle (See the Skoda Yeti page).
The rates are at the cheaper end of the market, and you have the option of an initial reduced rate 10 hour block, unless you're planning on taking or needing less than ten hours after the initial assessment. Your first lesson will always be offered as a two hour familiarisation session for just £30 .
You'll receive a free online copy of 'Fast Track Driving' to accompany your lessons. This is a pdf word searchable document, going from control of the vehicle through to test. Additionally you have access via this site to a growing library of video tutorials of challenging intersections throughout the test areas.
Your instructor will be a fully qualified ADI green badge holder who's driven for over40 years and been an instructor for 15 years. Your tuition will finish with 'Mock' testing. In other words by the time you come to take the practical test you'll have already done it with your instructor several times, so there'll be no surprises and you'll both know how you're progressing.                              CRB Certification number: 001653711600