The relationship between you and your instructor is possibly the most significant factor in your learning progress. To that end please bear these points in mind:

Your instructor has a great deal invested in their business, a large portion of which is the relevant insurance and an appropriate vehicle, regularly maintained for teaching. Remember that this is their livelihood and they aren’t paid a wage, so any cancellations mean they won’t get paid! For this reason it’s important to allow them time to compile a diary to accommodate all the pupils for the following week, and then stick to those times.

Pupils availability will vary depending on things like work patterns and childcare, so in order to fit everyone in as near as possible to their preferred times they must be given time to prepare a diary. Add to this the logistics of getting from one lesson to another between different areas and you can see how vital it is they have all the information necessary in good time.

For this reason you’ll need to email ALL of your availability to the instructor by the end of Friday each week, and then you’ll be emailed back sometime during Saturday with the slot/s allocated for the following week. If you have to cancel for any reason 24 HOURS NOTICE MUST BE GIVEN otherwise the lesson will need to be paid for anyway. 

Occasionally someone will need to cancel for a genuine reason, but obviously if cancellations become a regular occurrence then the instructor will have to re-assess whether or not continued lessons with that pupil will significantly impact on other pupils and their ability to complete and organise a working week.

Please show your instructor the same respect and courtesy that they show you, thank you.