How will I know if my instructor is qualified?

They'll have either a pink, trainee badge or a green fully qualified one. At Fast Track you'll have a fully qualified ADI

Can I be picked up and dropped off at alternative locations?

Yes. A flexible diary is compiled each weekend for the following week, allowing for flexibility of locations depending on pre arrangement with your tutor

Do I need to have my theory before taking lessons?

Not at all, in fact driving experience will actually help your understanding

Will I have to pay in advance?

Only if you're pre-paying a reduced rate block payment, lesson by lesson payments are made at the end of each lesson

The lessons are a present for someone, can I make a gift for them?

Yes, vouchers are available on request via the 'Contact' page

I’ve already booked a test, will Fast Track take me on?

You will need to be assessed, allowing for three full working days to postpone the test if your instructor feels you’re not ready. The instructor’s decision will be final

Will anyone else be in the car on my lessons?

No, your tuition time is yours and yours alone

Which car will I learn in?

The latest model Skoda Yeti

How long will it take?

Depending on experience etc, usually between 10 and 40 hours. Intensive courses can be arranged to fulfil the necessary hours in a shorter timescale

Anything not covered here?

Just drop a message or ring ...details on the 'Contact' page