* Obtain provisional licence

* Pass theory test

* Pass practical test 


In order to apply to sit the theory test, take lessons or apply for the practical test you must first hold a valid UK provisional licence. If in any doubt visit the DSA site, which will also give you comprehensive information on a whole range of issues concerning learning to drive  

When will I be ready?

Before booking the practical test you must first pass the theory test (as in above picture) Most people study and apply to sit this while taking practical lessons. Taking lessons will help you understand what the questions on the theory are all about, particularly the language used to describe certain situations and areas of the highway. The theory is in two parts (1) multiple choice questions with clickable buttons/ touch screen and (2) hazard perception presented as videos

The DSA (Driving Standards Authority) suggest that learners take 45 hours of training alongside 22 hours of private practice to be properly prepared for the practical test (This has been increased since the new test changes). This doesn't mean all pupils will need 67 hours, but it gives a rough idea as to the timeline. At Fast Track this typically equates to anything between 10 and 40 hours depending on previous experience if any, but basically you have to put in the time in order to complete the required training necessary to progress through the four phases (see The Practical Driving Test page). The more frequent your tuition the sooner you'll be ready!

At the moment the theory test is £23 and the practical £62. Obviously we want you to get straight there, fully prepared first time.