WHATCAR magazine (2018)...

"How much do driving lessons cost? There is no minimum or maximum cost for learning to drive, as most instructors set their own prices. However, the average hourly rate  of a driving lesson in the UK is £24. We contacted the British School of Motoring (BSM) and RED driving school, two of the largest providers in the UK, for their average prices.For a 10-hour package of tuition, RED driving school charges £276, while BSM gave us a quote of £230 for the same time"

The minimum lesson duration will be an hour and a half. Only in exceptional, unavoidable circumstances will brief one hour sessions be considered

Lesson-by-lesson rates:

£20 an hour:

1½ hours £30

2 hours £40

Introductory blocks: ***

3½ hours - £60 <£30 2hr intro+1.5 £30>

4 hours - £70 <£30 2hr intro+2 £40>

6 hours - £110 <£30 2hr intro+4 £80>

10 hours - £190 <£30 2hr intro+8 £160>

12 hours - £220 <£30 2hr intro+£190*reduced>

New Driver special offer:

Whether you're a complete novice or have some experience it's important you have a good grounding to start. As an introduction you'll have a 2 hour session for just £30. This session will be the basis for all the lessons that follow, and ensure you know why you're being asked to do the things you're instructed to do. Don't think that because you've driven for 20 years that your driving is at a standard anywhere near test level, it's been shown that the longer you've driven it's simply given you more time to develop bad habits! 

After the initial £30 introductory session you can then take a one-off 10 hour block booking at just £190 **, after which time the lesson rate will revert to £20 an hour. This means that you could take the £30 session and then a 10 hour block, giving you 12 hours for £220. See shorter block offers opposite.

Fast Track rates are from the 1st January 2018 and is the first rate rise in 10 years and still at the cheaper end of the scale.

** Not available to drivers taking less than 10 hours/ refreshers 

***Vouchers are available via the 'Contact' page ***

*** The introductory blocks are designed to include the first lesson, so if you take the £30 intro two hours as a separate option to start then the              only block available after that is the one-off ten hour (£190). Cancelled blocks would be refunded pro-rata based on normal rate