Callum Windy Nook ....Amazing passed first time, he gets you straight through with no messing about and is always on time
Josh Sheriff Hill Excellent instructor highly recommend, got me through my test first time without any faults really does teach high standards of driving. Thanks again Charlie much appreciated
Neil Byker ...Thanks Charlie I no you bent over backwards today for my my test and passed 1st time you are the best instructor would recommend you to anyone thanks again
Olivia Ryton ....I would highly recommend Charlie as an instructor for anyone who would like to feel at ease behind the wheel. Not only does he teach you how to successfully get through your test, he also teaches a high standard of driving which makes you confident in yourself as a driver. Could not have gotten through my test without him.
Katie Longbenton ....Charlie is great - he teaches gold standard level of driving so you're very well equipped when you get out on the roads. Never in my life expected to pass a driving test first time due to my nerves but my confidence was pretty high when I went out on my test and I passed!
Thanh Tien Vu Kenton .....Charlie is the best driving instructor and I highly recommend him to everyone who want to be a "very" good driver rather than just passing the test. After ending up badly (fail with three majors) with my previous instructor after 70 (seven-zero) hours of training, I came to Charlie with a hope that he can help me to improve my driving skills. Even more than what I expected, every single lesson has gone smoothly and my driving skills got improved significantly. He is always on time and explains everything clearly and calmly. Passed first time with him after 16 hours of learning.
Calvin Fenham ....Charlie is a fantastic driving instructor and I would definitely recommend learning to drive with him! He has a relaxed approach and teaches you how to be a confident driver rather than just how to pass your test. Thanks again Charlie

Craig, Kenton ....I would highly recommend Charlie as a driving instructor. He was always prompt in arriving to my house for lessons on time and the lessons were well thought out and structured. He was able to explain everything to me in a concise manner which made everything easier to understand. If I wasn't able to do something correctly he would be able to explain where I had gone wrong calmly and informatively. He was able to give me everything I needed in order to pass my test within good time.
Yvonne, Westerhope .....After years of trying and giving up I finally passed with Fast Track on my second attempt. It's changed my life
Lisa, Heddon .....I'd tried learning with friends, family and other instructors, but it wasn't until I came to Fast Track I finally 'got it' and passed second time.
Stephen, Newburn .....I'd taken a block of 10 hours as a starter, but my instructor told me that's all I needed. I got through first time
Becky, Gateshead .....I've only had 6 lessons, but already I've done everything, crossroads, dual carriageways, manouevres the lot. It's surprised both me and my family how quickly I'm making progress ** update - passed first time **
Nathan, Longbenton .....I didn't realise how near test standard I was until pressed to do my theory. I passed both that and my practical first time.
Alex, Killingworth .....My instructor had some novel ways of explaining things. It must've worked ....I passed first time!