Each Fast Track pupil will receive an online version of 'Fast Track driving'

This pdf book is fully word searchable and takes you from day one familiarisation, through control, observation etc, right through to the test itself

The test is taken in the same car as you took your learning in. In other words it can be seen as just another 2 hour lesson, only with an Examiner sitting in with you on the final part instead of your usual instructor. The time slot allocated is 40 minutes, of which about 30 to 35 minutes will be actual driving after introductions, admin and mechanical questions. A short de brief on your performance will conclude the test.

To prepare you fully your tuition will build towards 'Mock' testing as a final stage. This way both you and your instructor will be aware of your progress, and should prepare you comprehensively for the ultimate goal ..taking the test. Your instructor will keep you up to date with your on-going progress in four phases:

Phase 1 Introducing the core skills needed to drive, observation awareness, control and knowledge

Phase 2 Being able to drive to prompts without the need for constant commentary

Phase 3 Driving unaided other than suggestions for improvement

Phase 4 Mock testing, where your instructor will role play the test to fully prepare you

** Remember that the test itself is classed as a normal two hour session £40 **