These videos are for both the Elswick and Gosforth test areas and will be added to and amended on an on-going basis. The previous page has more detailed explanations about each video and even if you're an Elswick pupil the Gosforth routes may have some informative tips and visa-versa. 
At one time the department would publish its potential routes on which candidates could be taken, albeit with the disclaimer that they reserved the right to be flexible around them. Nowadays none of the routes are disclosed and it's basically up to the instructors to keep their ear to the ground for any variations to the ones used historically.
Although we can be pretty sure of places where candidates couldn't be taken, mainly because of time constraints and other impracticalities, there's still a wide scope of possibilities within the test area range. For this reason some of the routes on these videos should be seen as more hybrid examples designed to encompass the challenging intersections and less to represent actual routes in themselves.